Patricia A. Sell, RN, BSN

Pat_SellPatricia Sell (Known to patients as Pat) is an experienced nurse who loves what she does. She worked in many medical disciplines through her rich career years. Pat has an unmatched nursing ethics and dedication. Her patients love her care and respect her advice.

Pat became interested in bariatric surgery after she became a patient in the year 2000. She had a Roux En-Y Gastric Bypass at that time and lost 130 pounds. She joined the University of Kansas Medical Center as the Program Coordinator of it Excellent Bariatric Program in 2008. Pat has actively and relentlessly helped bring education, awareness, and support to the bariatric population of this center.

“It is such a pleasure to be a part of this team,” says Pat, “I get a chance to work with these patients to help them improve their quality of life.” She tells the patients this is a lifestyle change that will make their lives a much better one. She brings this to them by being a role model. She works closely with Dr. Niazy Selim to bring state of the art health care to all of the bariatric patients which include over 800  patients at this time.

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