Meet Physician

FACSThe internet has evolved to be the largest source of information of the century. We refer to  search engines and various websites to find answers to any question we may have. One of these questions may be “Who is my Surgeon?

I am a technology fan and I realized the power of the web years ago. I have had presence on the internet for many years. I designed my first website in 2002 and it has been online since.

On multiple occasions, my patients had told me that they looked me up on the internet before they showed to my clinic. As my patient population has grown over the years, as well as their inquiries and their demands, I felt the need to update my profile and my webpage.

Originally, I was born in Egypt. I grew up there and graduated from medical school. Medical education in Egypt follows the British tradition. The British medicine has a different flavor than the american one. It is based on a strong academic and basic science foundation. Anatomy, physiology, pathology and all other basic science of medicine are highly stressed. Surgeons in training will not proceed or even have a career without demonstrating high level of understanding to these sciences.